Africa’s Fact-Checking Watchdog


N-VA is a non-profit organisation established in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to combat viral coronavirus misinformation.

Everybody needs to be fact-checked to know if they are disseminating the right information

Africa’s media is rife with misinformation, not just news contents but distorted images and videos with the aim to mislead the public. Even data is manipulated to suit the narrative of government parastatals and individuals.


The trend of misinformation has widened public distrust in the media and government.


Government agencies and media handlers are known for sharing misleading images on projects executed by the administration, by the time this visual is fact-checked and discovered as obvious misinformation, it would have spread from online to offline spaces and peddled from one person to another. This is also true for media platforms sharing unverified news and images.


Yes, there are other fact-check platforms doing what we set out to do but the swift spread of misinformation requires there should be more platforms to keep up with the pace of false and misleading claims and helping to spread the right and verified information.

What We Do

Our fact-checks include a compilation of other verified reports from other platforms, publishing in-house fact-check reports and improving the continent’s database with verified facts

Our Impact

Improve public access to accurate information and the unbiased truth, that is the only way to develop a just and democratic society

How It Started

N-VA began as a passion to debunk the viral misinformation circulating on Nigeria’s internet space about COVID-19. A facebook page was created in May 2020, fact-checked reports were published on this medium and on the Twitter page launched in the same month. One of our most widely shared fact-check reports was a claim purportedly attributed to Nobel laureate winner, Dr. Dennis Mukwege.

In August 2020, N-VA’s two-man team launched the fact-check website and added two volunteer research assistants to the team. Our fact-check reports have covered misinformation on COVID-19, public policy, elections, falsified data, and we have fact-checked several prominent politicians and government agencies.

How It's Going

In 2021, we received multiple fundings to conduct fact-check on COVID-19 related claims and create awareness about the virus and its vaccine.


Through our work, we aim to improve public access to accurate information, by simplifying fact-checks and creating varied appealing formats for fact-checked news, data, and viral images

Zainab O Sanni

Head of Media

Zainab is the Deputy Director of News and Current Affairs at Agidigbo FM and the founder of News Verifier Africa, a platform that explores creative ways to fact-check misinformation and disinformation in Africa.

She is a Connexus fellow and a recipient of the African Resilience Network grant to fact-check COVID-19 fake news in Africa.

Through Abayo, Zainab will create solutions reporting desk at AGIDIGBO FM, with a bigger goal to integrate solutions reporting into the news routine of broadcast media with the strong grassroots audience, while prioritizing the production of these solutions stories in local Nigerian languages.

Olakunle Mohammed

Head of Platform

Olakunle Mohammed is a journalist, researcher and fact-checker with varied experience in public policy, development, health and education. His reports and analysis on development, economy, education and public policy have been featured on An24 News and Ominira Initiative. 


He co-founded News Verifier Africa (N-VA), to enhance fact-checking misinformation and disinformation circulating across Africa media space. He is a graduate of the Africa Resilience Network (ARN) Fake Expose Training. His fact-check portfolio includes verifying statements and claims made by political figures and religious leaders.


Through our work, we aim to improve public access to accurate information, by simplifying fact-checks and creating varied appealing formats for fact-checked news, data, and viral images

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