CLAIM: Miyetti Allah Is A Registered Contractor Of The Federal Government

Olakunle Mohammed  On February 13, a Facebook page identified as Radio Biafra shared an image with the caption, “Myetti Allah is now an official Federal Government Contractor. An official way of receiving funding from Nigerian Government.” The content of the image shared by Radio Biafra is a project execution signboard in Nguzu Edda, Afikpo South, […]

CLAIM: The Nigerian Government Is Giving Three Million Naira Grant To Support Businesses

Olakunle Mohammed  A viral forwarded message circulating on WhatsApp claims that the federal government is giving out three million naira grant to support Nigerians. One version of the viral post read: “Dont miss this federal governemt 3 Million grant.  it takes fews seconds to apply. Dont miss this great opportunity.  Apply Here” Another one […]

FACTCHECK: Picture Showing Dead Bodies Is Not Of Protesters In Ogbomosho

CLAIM On Sunday, a Twitter user, @cheyih_Viktar posted a picture with at least nine dead bodies to depict the aftermath of the clash between protesters and members of the Nigeria Police Force in the town. A caption attached to the image read: “Ogbomoso is Black 🖤 RIP to everyone we lost to the struggle.” VERIFICATION […]

CLAIM: All Schools To Re-open On September 7

Olakunle Mohammed  News surfaced online that the Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu, has given directives for all schools in Nigeria to reopen on 7th September 2020. The alleged September 7th school reopening date went viral on Twitter when @trustawo shared a video on 18th August at 1:22 pm showing the Education minister addressing a […]

CLAIM: NCDC Shares N45,000 COVID-19 Relief Fund To Nigerians

Olakunle Mohammed EXPLAINER The screenshot of a bank credit alert went viral on WhatsApp in early August, claiming the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) was disbursing COVID-19 Relief Fund to Nigerians. The text message which was sent by the phone number “+2347042941369” had the content of a regular Nigerian bank credit alert message. The […]

CLAIM: Nobel Laureate, Dr. Dennis Mukwege Resigns, Accuses Government Of Coronavirus Patients’ Data Falsification

Olakunle Mohammed  Last week, a WhatsApp message (news report) alleging that COVID-19 coverups were the reason Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Dennis Mukwege, had resigned from the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) COVID-19 Response Team surfaced on social media platforms. The ‘news report’ shared on many Facebook pages, Instagram posts, WhatsApp broadcast messages, and blog […]