CLAIM: 200 EndSARS Protesters Contract COVID-19 In Lagos

On Monday, a Twitter user, Uban Doma claimed that at least 200 EndSARS protesters have contracted COVID-19 in Lagos and a few others in Abuja. In the thread, he claimed that these new cases of COVID-19 were due to the lack of social distancing and use of face masks by protesters. His tweet read: “More […]

CLAIM: Nobel Laureate, Dr. Dennis Mukwege Resigns, Accuses Government Of Coronavirus Patients’ Data Falsification

Olakunle Mohammed¬† Last week, a WhatsApp message (news report) alleging that COVID-19 coverups were the reason Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Dennis Mukwege, had resigned from the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) COVID-19 Response Team surfaced on social media platforms. The ‘news report’ shared on many Facebook pages, Instagram posts, WhatsApp broadcast messages, and blog […]