CLAIM: Pfizer Vaccine Causes Birth Defects due to Genetic Manipulation

Adeyemi Okediran On Saturday, November 27, 2021, a Facebook user, Sipho Shezi posted a graphic with the inscription that Pfizer has warned both males and females to avoid unprotected sex for 28 days after taking the second dose due to reproductive safety risks. The Facebook post reads: page 132 of Pfizer vaccine basically says no […]

12th January: Africa Fact Check Round-Up

Here is today’s roundup of fact-checks across Africa:   Claim: Nigeria’s former vice president not giving out cash to young business owners Verdict: FALSE Source: Africa Check   Claim: Kenyan musician Willy Paul wants to run for parliament for Embakasi East on UDA ticket Verdict: FALSE Source: Africa Check   Claim: Italy has performed the […]

How Religious Facebook Page Amplified COVID-19 Disinformation in Nigeria

Zainab Sanni Shayo is a fierce anti-vaxxer who has used his WhatsApp status to campaign vigorously against COVID-19 protocols and in recent times, the COVID-19 vaccine. The middle aged young man says COVID-19 is a disease planted by Bill Gates and the United Nation to destabilize the church, adding that he has concerns about the […]

No, Ewedu and Chloroquine are no Cures for Coronavirus

Olakunle Mohammed   A popular vegetable in Nigeria, ewedu, as cure for COVID-19 gained popularity in Nigeria in 2020, no thanks to misinformation about its medicinal values. At the same time, unverified claims that chloroquine, which was popular for the treatment of malaria fever, made Nigerians to buy them up from pharmaceutal stores in 2020. […]

CLAIM: Eating Ewedu Cures COVID-19

Olakunle Mohammed   There have been several claims on the use of several traditional drugs and herbs as a cure or prevention of COVID-19. One of the claims making rounds across social media and news platforms is that eating molokhia leaves, or what Nigerians simply refer to as Ewedu cures coronavirus or prevents you from […]

CLAIM: Students in Lagos, Nigeria Run Away from Taking the COVID-19 Vaccine (VIDEO)

Zainab Sanni   Misinformation around the Covid-19 vaccine is rife. In this report, we used OSINT tools to check the veracity of a viral video showing students jumping off a school building. In January 2021, Twitter account @RealNasasira posted a video of students jumping from their classrooms, running away from a school compound.  His accompanying […]

CLAIM: Ghanaian Information Minister Says Government May Sanction Citizens That Refuse To Take COVID-19 Vaccine

Adeyemi Okediran On March 10, 2021, a news story was published on YEN, with the headline “Government may sanction those refusing to take COVID-19 vaccine – Oppong Nkrumah” The statement reads; “Government is considering imposing sanctions on Ghanaians who will refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine, Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, disclosed. Ghana on February 22, […]

Nigerians’ History Of Weaving Conspiracy Theories Around Vaccines

Olakunle Mohammed The world’s history of public health cannot be complete without the mention of vaccination. Vaccination has become a huge aspect of public health as it helps to fortify the human ‘immune systems’ against mild or deadly diseases and viruses that plague the earth such as Measles, Poliomyelitis, Yellow Fever, Flu influenza, Smallpox, Ebola, […]

COVID-19 Is A Lie From Pit Of Hell And Three Other Claims From David Oyedepo

Olakunle Mohammed  On Wednesday, December 9, 2020, the General Overseer and Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo, stated that COVID-19 is not real but rather a lie from the pit of hell. According to Sahara Reporters and other media platforms that reported the story, Oyedepo made this statement during his sermon […]